AMC Conference - Indoor Climbing - Athlete Sign Up

07/03/2024 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM ET


Stone Summit Atlanta
3701 Presidential Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30340
United States of America


The 19th Annual AMCSI Conference (for individuals with Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita) will be held July 3rd-6th 2024 in Atlanta, GA.
As part of the conference, attendees have the option to attend an indoor adaptive climbing session on July 3rd.
Catalyst Sports are hosting this activity and we are looking forward to climbers joining us from the AMCSI conference.

Getting there:
The AMCSI Conference was unable to secure a shuttle/transportation.  Please plan to coordinate your own transportation to our climb. 

What to expect?

When you arrive, Catalyst staff & volunteers will help you get your climbing harness and shoes and show you around the climbing gym. Once you are ready to climb we will pair you with a belayer who will work with you and get you climbing. We have a variety of adaptive equipment to support climbers so we will spend some time establishing which equipment would be best for you.

Questions?:  Please email

Essential Eligibility for Climbing

  • The climber has a permanent, physical disability.
  • The climber can effectively notify leaders or other participants of personal distress, injury, illness or the need for assistance. 

  • The climber can breathe independently, without any assistance from medical devices and/or trained professionals. 

  • The climber can follow directions independently or with the assistance of a caregiver. 

  • The climber can wear all required safety gear such as an approved harness.

  • The climber is at least 3 years old.